Easy Open-Source Mining on PegNet

Prosper Pool is the first open-source mining pool on PegNet. Instant CPU mining with no entry credits or price data feeds to manage. We make mining simple.

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We are the only mining pool on PegNet that allows anyone to freely audit and contribute to it’s source code. Git repo can be found here


Mining digital currency can seem overwhelming, but Prosper Pool makes getting started quick and easy, even for less tech savvy users.


Any computer can start earning you passive income by mining on Prosper Pool. PEG rewards are versatile and can be easily converted.

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Hold Assets that Meet Your Risk Profile

PegNet's advanced 3rd generation stablecoin protocol allows for miners rewarded in it's native PEG token to freely convert rewards to any listed pegged asset. This ensures every miner can hold their rewards in a store of value that meets their unique risk profile, while exposing them to wider financial markets.

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